SULFs medlemsförsäkringar

​Members of SULF get a little extra

As part of the collaboration between SULF and Trygg-Hansa, your membership of SULF gives you extra benefits when you take out home insurance.

You will always receive at least 10% discount on your home insurance. And you can combine your SULF discount with your Trygg-Hansa multi-policy discount to get an even better deal.​

For doctoral candidates or visiting academics:
Specially-adapted home insurance for those with smaller-scale accommodation and not so many possessions through opportunities to select the lower insurance amount of SEK 200 000.

Trygg-Hansa has a customer service desk devoted to SULF members. It is open 8.00-19.00 during the week and 9-17 on weekends. 

Call us on 0771-111 667.